November 17-18, 2016, Kazan, International scientific and practical conference “RUSSIA AND ISLAMIC WORLD: SEEKING OF RESPONDS TO EXTREMISTS MOVEMENTS’ GLOBALIZATION”

The conference concerns issues related to the phenomenon of the globalization of radical movements in the Muslim East and the impact of this process on the other regions of the world. Social, political, theological and psychological aspects of radicalism, its origins, prevention and fighting experience will be discussed.

Several round tables and sections will be arranged within conference: 1. Manifestation of Islamic radicalism in the middle East and others regions in the world. 2. Islamic extremism in Russia and CIS. 3. The experience of counteraction and prevention of religious extremism.

The participants and guests can take part in cultural program and visit local sights.

Sociologists, historians, religious scholars, political scientists, ethnographers and other specialists in the field of Islam and extremist movements are invited to participate in the conference.

The digest of articles will be published after the conference.

Application form (Appendix 1) for participation in conference will be accepted until the 1st of November, texts for publication (Appendix 2) - until the 30th of November. Email:

The last day to send application is the 1st of November, 2016.

Appendix 1 Application form For participation in International scientific and practical conference “Russia and Islamic world: seeking of responds to extremists movements globalization” Organization________________________________________________________________ Name and surname of participant ________________________ Academic degree ________________________________

Academic rank______________________________________ Position_______________________________________ Address________________________________________________________ Telephone ____________________________________________ E-mail _________________

Title of thesis __________________________________________ Organization committee reserves the right to select received materials.

Traveling expenses (fare and accommodation) are provided by organizers of the conference after prior agreement due to limited financial sources.

We request you to inform about necessity of internet access and technical equipment

Appendix 2

Working with your texts, proceed from the following format parameters: Materials for publication will be accepted via e-mail. Volume of sending materials is less than 20 000 characters, Microsoft Office (doc, rtf); paginal footnotes should follow Russian national standards GOST. Title of report, abstract (50 words) and key words (15 words) must be in Russian and English; Universal Decimal Classification

Footnotes requirements: Footnotes paginal.

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With questions about conference features you may apply to organization committee:

1. Director of CIS AS RT Pateev Rinat (;

2. Office assistant Gibadullina Milyausha, 8-906-114-33-72 (

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