General Information

TAS Center for Islamic Studies (CIS) was organized in May 2010 as a subdivision of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences. The staff consists of twenty full-time employees, including Director and Vice-Director. Structurally it has two departments: “Department of Social and Political Studies” and “Department of the Ethnic and Confessional Situation Supervision”.

Main Areas of Activities:

- The study of the unique functioning experience of Islam in Russia and implementing how to use the “Russian Model” of government-Islam relations in present day circumstances

- The study of the legal regulations and working principals of Islamic economic model and its application in multireligious society and secular state

- Situational analysis of Islamic community in Republic of Tatarstan in the ethnic and confessional context

- Conducting the Islamic studies and consolidating the scholars’ efforts in the region

- Defining the directions of the scientific research on Islam and Muslim societies

- Inspection of scientific programs and projects, taking part in expertise of legal normative acts and publications of scientific literature in the Republic of Tatarstan

- Organization of scientific events, international, national and regional conferences, sessions and symposiums

- Establishing of scientific ties with scientific associations, governmental and administrative entities, educational authorities and social organizations

- Development and preparation of scientific publications and papers

- Informational, financial and equipment support of the scientific projects

- Participation in creating of scientific and educational networks and databases

- Popularization and propagation of the science, scientific knowledge and technical achievements

Organization of the International conferences, implementation of counter radicalization programs, development of Islamic scholarship in cooperation with Kazan Federal University and Russian Islamic University.

Contact Us

Levobulachnaya St. 36 A, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan

Phone: +7(843) 292-43-17