General Information

TAS Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) was established in January, 1 of 2015 on the basis of TAS Institute for Informatics by Decree of the TAS President Myakyzum Salakhov.

Prof. Dr. Murat Tagirov is Director of the IAS

Main Direction of the Researches

In accordance with the State Task 2016-2020 IAS conducts scientific and research works in following directions:

- Topical problems of photonics and magnonics (Center for Photonics and Magnonics);

- Applied and fundamental research in the field of informatics, information and software technology, program and information systems (Center for Mathematical Modeling);

- Development of scientific bases for innovative design of oil fields (Center for Natural Sciences);

Main Achievements

Center for Photonics and Magnonics:

1. The features of the generation of the two-photon states in the process of spontaneous four-wave mixing in nanofibers with variable section are investigated.

2. The packaging technology of micron and submicron optical fibers which allows its continuous and sustainable use in nanodevices is developed.

3. We studied that subwavelength localization and giant amplification of the optical signals can be achieved in the micro-resonator of Fabry-Perot based on plasmon-Raman TiN thin film.

4. The technology of optical nanoantenna creation based on electrochemical etching with a self-adjusting pulse ratio of the voltage pulses is developed.

5. Samples of timber are investigated by the methods of magnetic resonance during vacuum heat treatment. Improvements of existing methods are proposed. Optimal conditions are selected.

6. DyF3 nanoparticles with size of 15-20 nm were synthesized by method of colloidal chemistry.

Center for Mathematical Modeling:

1. The detailed study of the use of cloud computing in the systems and languages of simulation modeling is conducted.

2. For the first time was introduced and described in detail the concept of simulation cloud in the framework of IISS complex.

3. The detailed analysis of the international and Russian experience in system analysis of the transport and logistics system of the region is conducted.

4. The method of conducting TLS system analysis by SM method is developed on an example of the Kama Cluster.

Center for Natural Sciences:

1. The analysis of the laboratory testing results of chemical reagents for increasing the oil recovery from carbonate and terrigenous-carbonate rocks is conducted;

2. The analysis of the laboratory testing results of insulating technologies for fissured carbonate collectors is conducted.

3. The annual assessment of the resource potential of prospective areas of subsurface in the Republic of Tatarstan is conducted for the justification of geological study and exploration of hydrocarbon shale formations.

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