General Information

The main objective of the Institute is carrying out of fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of ecology, geology, subsoil use and environmental protection; obtaining of theoretical and experimental results and their practical application; training of scientific personnel.

Today the number of Institute staff is 106 units, including 81 units of scientific workers, united in 11 laboratories.

Director of the Institute is a doctor of chemistry, Honored Ecologist of the Republic of Tatarstan Rifgat Shagidullin.

Main Direction of the Researches

- Fundamental and applied research of structural and functional organization of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems;

- Comprehensive studies of flow formation patterns, condition and use of water resources, anthropogenic impacts on ecological systems of medium and small rivers basins and water reservoirs;

- Development of scientific and practical bases of environmental monitoring, ecological and analytical control and regulation, as well as rational use of water, air, land and biological resources of the Republic of Tatarstan;

- Work on improving the system of specially protected natural territories of the Republic of Tatarstan;

- Formation of republican automated database of environmental information for operational and long-term solutions to environmental tasks at the local and regional levels;

- Identification of new hydrocarbon deposits and other mineral resources;

- Providing of oil and gas industry enterprises by innovative and evidence-based project documents;

- Scientific research and analytical work on the legal issues in the field of ecology, geology, subsoil use and environmental protection.

Main achievements

Institute, in cooperation with the environmental protection authorities of the Republic of Tatarstan, implemented a series of applied projects which have special importance for the decision of actual problems of environmental safety in the development of economic and industrial potential of the republic.

Developed a long-term republican target program “Development of Water Management Complex of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2013-2020”.

“Observing Program at Territorial Observation Network Points of State Monitoring of Surface Water Bodies of the Republic of Tatarstan” is developed.

Works on assessing the impact of industrial enterprises on the water quality of the Kuibyshev and Nizhnekamsk water reservoirs are carried out.

Standards of Permissible Residual Oil Content and Regional Standards for Background Content of Heavy Metals in the Soils of the Republic of Tatarstan are developed.

Consolidated calculations of air pollution of Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Nizhnekamsk by stationary and mobile sources are carried out.

Scientific basis for the establishment of new SPNA in the municipal districts of the republic are prepared.

Prepared the project of technical regulation of “Ecological Agricultural Production and Labeling of Ecological Agricultural Products” for the Republic of Tatarstan.

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