General Information

The Institute is one of the leading encyclopedic regional centers in the Russian Federation, which accumulate scientific knowledge on the history and culture of the Tatar people and the Republic of Tatarstan, the Tatar diaspora in Russia and CIS countries, as well as the science studies, regional studies, historical and literary study of local lore.


– Director - Corresponding Member of TAS, Prof. Dr. (History) Iskander Gilyazov.

– Deputy Director - Prof. Dr. (Pedagogy) Farit Yalalov.

– Scientific Secretary – Candidate of Science (History) Mars Hkabibullin.


Scientific research and scientific publishing activities are carried out 56 researchers, including 6 doctors and 25 candidates of sciences in four divisions of the Institute:

Center for Encyclopedia Studies – Head - Prof. Dr. (History) Rafail Shaidullin;

Center for Regional Studies, Social and Cultural Researches – Head – Candidate of Science (History) Larisa Ainutdinova;

Center for Tatar Diaspora Studies – Head - Candidate of Science (History) Bulat Khamidullin;

Kama Scientific Center – Head – Fellow of TAS Prof. Dr. (Philology) Nail Valeev.

Main Publications:

– “Tatar Encyclopedia” in Russian and Tatar languages in 6 volumes;

– “Tatarstan: The Illustrated Encyclopedia”

– “Tatarstan: The Brief Illustrated Encyclopedia;

– “Republic of Tatarstan: Nature, History, Economy, Culture, Science”;

– “Central Government Authorities of Tatarstan”: scientific reference book;

– “Regions of compact residence of the Tatars in the Russian Federation”: scientific reference book;

– “Nature and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan”: illustrated encyclopedia;

– “The Tatars of Kazakhstan”: illustrated encyclopedic reference book;

– “The Disappeared Settlements of the Republic of Tatarstan”: reference book;

– “Literary Chistopol”: encyclopedic dictionary;

– “The Republic of Tatarstan: Encyclopedic Reference Book for the Media”

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