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G. Ibragimov Institute of Language, Literature and Art is coordinating research center in the field of Tatar philology and study of art in the Republic of Tatarstan and beyond. It is the only academic institution in Russia which engaged in a deep and comprehensive study of the issues of Tatar philology, folklore and art.

October 1939 – Scientific Research Institute of Language and Literature was established by Decree of the Sovnarkom of TASSR and by Order of Narkompros TASSR from 7th of October of 1939.

February 1941 - the status of the Tatar Research Institute of Language, Literature and History (ILLH) was obtained.

January 1946 - In connection with the establishing of the Kazan Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences the Institute entered into its structure and became a scientific institution of the USSR AS.

1967 - The Institute was named after Galimdzhan Ibragimov the classic of Tatar literature, scientist and public figure.

Beginning of 1993 - the Institute of language, literature and history passed under jurisdiction of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, which was established in late 1991 - early 1992.

1994 - On the basis of ILLH Department of the Tatar Encyclopedia was established the new institute - the Institute of Tatar Encyclopedia.

1996 - On the basis of the five departments of the Institute (History, Archeology, Ethnography, History of Social Thought and the Department of the Code of Historical and Cultural Monuments) was established the Institute of History. The basic Institute of Language, Literature and History have received the name of G. Ibragimov Institute of Language, Literature and Art of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences.

Main Direction of the Researches

- Problems of functional and structural development of the Tatar language

- History and theory of Tatar literature

- History and theory of the Tatar folk art

- Source study and Textology of Tatar literature

- Problem of continuity and development of artistic culture

Structure of the Institute

- Department of General Linguistics,

- Department of Lexicology and Dialectology,

- Department of Lexicography,

- Department of Literary Studies,

- Department of Textology,

- Department of Folk Art,

- Department of Theater and Music,

- Department of Pictorial and Decorative and Applied Art,

- Department of Modern Problems of Tatar Language and Literature Teaching,

- Center of Written and Musical Heritage.

Main Achievements

In the field of Tatar linguistics: “Atlas of Tatar Dialects”, “Etymological Dictionary of the Tatar Language”, “Big Dialectological Dictionary of Tatar Language”. “Tatar Dialects in 2 volumes”.

In the field of Tatar literary studies, folk art and study of art: “Collected Works of G. Tukay in 6 volumes”, “Collected Works of G. Ishaki in 15 volumes”, “The Art of Felt in the Turkic World: History and Modernity”.

Ongoing projects: “Academic Grammar in 3 volumes”, “Academic Lexicology in 3 volumes”, “History of the Tatar Literary Language in 3 volumes”, “Explanatory Dictionary of the Tatar Language in 6 volumes”, “History Tatar Literature in 8 volumes”, “Collected Works of G. Ibragimov in 15 volumes”, “Set of the Tatar Folk Art in 25 volumes in the Tatar Language”, “Collection of Tatar Folk Art in 15 volumes in Russian”.

The collection, preservation and study of monuments of the spiritual heritage of the Tatar people: Every year, the Institute organizes complex and specialized scientific expeditions to the different regions of the Republic of Tatarstan and to the places of compact residence of Tatars in abroad. Scientists of the Institute in recent years carried out field research in Penza, Ulyanovsk, Kurgan, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm and Astrakhan regions; in the Chuvash Republic, Mari El, Udmurtia and Bashkortostan; and in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kazakhstan. The material collected during expeditions replenishes the richest foundations of the Center of Written and Musical Heritage of the Institute (now the Center holds about 60 thousand material units) and publishes in the collections of the series “From the Treasury of Scientific Expeditions”.

Since 2014 is published “Fәnni Tatarstan” – Scientific Journal in Tatar Language

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