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May 10-14, 2017 Vice-President of the TAS V. Khomenko took part in the International Congress of 21st Century Islamic World: A Strategic Perspective (Opportunities, Possibilities, Developments, Challenges, Solution Proposals)  held in Van (Turkey).

Conferences and presentations of the Congress were held in Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic.

The main topics were the economic potentials of Islamic countries, investment opportunities, factors affecting the level of national income, opportunities for economic cooperation between Islamic countries, geopolitical and geostrategic potential, external interference in the Muslim world, international vision system Future for the Muslim world, etc.

More than 30 countries took part in the Congress, including Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, China, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, the UAE, Iraq, Azerbaijan, etc.

Title of the V. Khomenko's Presentation was: Status and prospects of economic cooperation between Russia and Islamic countries.

The article presents the results of the state of turnover research, industrial and financial cooperation, transport and logistics cooperation between Russia (including Republic of Tatarstan as its part) with the Islamic countries. The article also identifies the factors promoting and limiting conforming areas of economic cooperation. Positively estimated historical conditionality of economic exposure as a result of the formation of the Volga and the Dnieper trade route overland exit through the Volga-Ural region in Central Asia. The conclusion about the possibility of the formation of technological alliances in conditions of limited transfer of intellectual property and technology from developed countries, and the development and implementation of global transit transport and logistics projects. Given the prospects for Russian-Turkish economic cooperation, including on the basis of projects in order to enter into agreements between Tatarstan and Turkish organizations and companies. Estimated scientific and innovative potential of the relevant cooperation. Obtained complementary business segments and the necessary staffing conditions. 

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