Scientists of the A. Kh. Khalikov Institute of Archeology of TAS participated in the conference "Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Tatars and Siberian Tatars of the Tyumen Region", which was held in Tyumen and Tobolsk on September 22 and 23.

Being medieval monuments of the Siberian-Tatar statehood, Chingi-Tur and Iskar require immediate salvation and in-depth study, since at the place of Chingi-Tours there are currently residential houses, and Isker is slowly washing away the Irtysh River and the expanding ravine.

The Tatarstan Academy of Sciences and the Republic of Tatarstan take the most direct part in the exploration of the Iskar fortress, the archaeological research of which is carried out within the framework of the republican program for studying the historical and cultural heritage of the Tatar people outside Tatarstan. Excavations, which are carried out for the third year, significantly expanded our understanding of this monument and opened the first and earliest in the Tyumen region medieval Muslim burial ground of the city of Iskera. The basic excavation materials were published in scientific journals and collections of articles.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, member of the A. Kh. Khalikov Institute of Archeology of TAS Iskander Izmailov noted that the establishment of the true age of Tyumen, which is twice as high as the previously adopted date of 1586, is a major achievement of archaeologists.

"Scientists have proved that Tyumen is the only city in Siberia that has existed since the XIV century. This is an occasion not only for pride, but also a scientific discovery that can serve as a growth point for the development of the region's tourist attraction. Even if the place is simply preserved, it deserves to be shown. Not every city in Siberia can boast that it exists since the XIV century. In all of Russia there are not so many such cities, " - Iskander Izmailov said.

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