TAIF and Toyo Engineering plan to produce methanol

TAIF and Toyo Engineering plan to produce methanol

TAIF Group of Companies and Toyo Engineering Corporation, which is part of Mitsui Group financial and industrial holding, have had long and trusting relations. The Japanese company took part in the design and supply of equipment for the Heavy Residues High Conversion Complex at TAIF-NK PJSC. Its technologies were used in the construction of the fourth stage of the polystyrene plant at Nizhnekamskneftekhim. A new joint project of TAIF and Toyo is also linked with NKNKH: the company plans to participate in the isoprene rubber plant's modernisation.

TAIF intends to develop cooperation with Japanese companies

In early October, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov was back from the Land of the Rising Sun where he took part in Tatarstan – Japan business forum in Kanazawa. Then the president claimed the Republic of Tatarstan was ready to expand cooperation with business representatives of Japan. Among fulfilled projects with Japanese companies, Rustam Minnikhanov mentioned the cooperation of Mitsui Group and Toyo Engineering Corporation with TAIF Group of Companies. Toyo Engineering Corporation's recent visit to the head office of TAIF PJSC became an example of stronger and better relations of Tatarstan and Japan. Welcoming his partners, TAIF PJSC Director General Albert Shigabutdinov noted TAIF and Toyo Engineering Corporation had lasting and fruitful cooperation, which began as early as the 70s.

It should be reminded that Toyo Engineering took part in the design and supply of equipment for the Heavy Residues High Conversion Complex at TAIF-NK PJSC. The Japanese company also cooperated with Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC when constructing the fourth stage of the polystyrene plant, Toyo created the detailed design of the polycarbonate plant at Kazanorgsintez.

NKNKH plans to produce methanol from its own resources

It was decided to continue the time-honoured cooperation. Toyo will pay out a technical and commercial offer for methanol producing equipment within isoprene rubber plant modernisation at NKNKH. 'We need to optimise isoprene rubber production costs. We plan to fulfil the project in the short run. Having studied cooperation terms, we concluded you have huge experience in methanol plant projects (Editor's Note: used to make isoprene rubber),'' Albert Shigabutdinov claimed during the talk. At least six companies constructing methanol manufacturing plants are taking part in the tender.

Senior Executive Officer at Toyo Engineering Corporation Eiji Hosoi thanked the officials of TAIF PJSC for the trust and expressed their readiness to cooperate in new projects of NKNKH concerning the isoprene rubber plant's modernisation. The sides also discussed the project's deadline during the talk. TAIF was content with the meeting, the partners managed to find common points on issues that are important for both sides. Albert Shigabutdinov told journalists that technical novelties the company's specialists possessed could be applied in the methanol plant's project, which will allow to arrange methanol production from resources Nizhnekamskneftekhim owns,'' Albert Shigabutdinov specified. He also noted that TAIF Group of Companies and especially Nizhnekamskneftekhim worked within strict competition in the world and in Russia.

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