Eichhoff Uwe


Eichhoff Uwe
Uwe Eichhoff 
Foreign member of TAS

German physicist, nuclear magnetic resonance specialist. In 1970, he began working in the field of NMR at the instrument engineering firm Bruker. Scientific Consultant of the company "Bruker BioSpin GmbH".

Dr. Uwe Eichhoff is known for his outstanding methodological developments and the introduction of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and other research projects. In 1971, he became the scientific and commercial representative of Bruker Physik AG in the Soviet Union. Then he headed the representative office of the company in Russia.

Dr. Uwe Eikhhoff paid particular attention to Kazan as the birthplace of magnetic resonance. For three decades, he regularly spoke in Kazan at conferences and schools for young scientists. With its help, numerous NMR and EPR spectrometers were delivered to Kazan to the chemical and physical faculties of Kazan University, to the Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology, the Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry, as well as the first MR imager.

It was published jointly with Kazan scientists and actively contributed to their contacts with German scientists.

Dr. Uwe Eichhoff is the author of more than 70 scientific papers in molecular physics, NMR, EPR, IR Fourier spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, and co-author of two books on MR tomography. A significant part of his work was written jointly with Russian colleagues.

In 2006, he was elected an honorary professor at Moscow State University for his contribution to the development of science in Russia.