Linar Aminov

Linar Aminov

Linar Aminov

Corresponding Member of TAS

Division of Physics, Energetics and Earth Sciences

Was born in 1937, Corresponding Member of TAS (1998), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor. Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tatarstan. Laureate of State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan in the field of Science and Technology.

Specialist in the field of magnetic resonance in solids. The main topics of research are electronic spin-lattice relaxation in paramagnetic dielectric crystals, magnetic phenomena in non-conducting Van Vleck paramagnets, local deformations in impurity paramagnetic crystals.

He developed a detailed theory of relaxation phenomena in dielectric Van Vleck paramagnets, which made it possible to explain the features of nuclear spin-lattice relaxation times, shifts and broadenings of nuclear resonance lines in these substances.

Conducts research in the field of magnetic resonance and relaxation in mixed crystals, optics of impurity centers in crystals. He has published over sixty scientific papers, including three monographic reviews.

Member of two councils for the defense of doctoral dissertations, member of the editorial board of the international physics journal "Applied Magnetic Resonance".

Phone.: (843) 231-53-42