Division of Physics, Energetics and Earth Sciences

Division of Physics, Energetics and Earth Sciences

The head of division

Academician Lenar Tagirov.

Work in the division:
       Akhat Ilyasov,
       Albert Gilmutdinov,
       Ayrat Abdullin,
       Ilfan Bikmaev ,
       Kev Salikhov,
       Myakzyum Salakhov ,
       Nail Sakhibullin,
       Rais Khisamov,
       Ravil Ibatullin,
       Renat Muslimov,
       Roald Sagdeev,
       Valeriy Pesoshin
    Corresponding Members
       Anastas Bukharaev,
       Boris Timerkaev ,
       Irina Larochkina,
       Linar Aminov,
       Murat Tagirov ,
       Nail Kashapov,
       Vladimir Ivanov
   Honorary members
       Gadel Vakhitov,
       Ildus Mostyukov,
       Mikhail Zalikhanov,
       Rashid Syunyaev,
       Shafagat Takhautdinov
Foreign Members
       Eichhoff Uwe ,
       Juergen Hennig,
       Klaus Moebius ,
       Wolfgang Lubitz

The Institute for Environmental Problems and Subsoil Use is in the structure of the Division; and there are four research centers established in cooperation with universities and research institutes: Center for Improving the Methods of Oil Fields Development, Research Center for Gravitational Wave “Dulkyn”, Laboratory “Astrophysics” and Laboratory “Photo Elasticity”

Moreover four institutes are under the guidance of the Division: Tatar State Research and Design Institute of Petroleum Industry, Central Research Institute for Geology of Non-Metallic Minerals, Kazan Examination Center for Subsurface.

The members of the Division created the theory of time-resolved spectra in ESR of separated charges in early stage of photosynthesis. They predicted theoretically and were first who experimentally observed the mechanism of nonequilibrium polarization of electron spins of triplet excited molecules as a result of the spin-dependent mutual annihilation of triplets. Currently they work on creating a low-field medical MRI. The researchers developed a technology of effective extraction of hydrocarbons from the vapor of different composition. The annual economic effect of its implementation with respect to other regions of Russia is more than one billion rubles.

Tatarstan researchers made a technological breakthrough in the field of environmental health in the oil industry – they developed a set of technologies that allowed changing the costly projects of processing the drilling slags and oil-slags to economically profitable. The researchers proved the effectiveness of additional development of the flooded Devonian manifolds with horizontal stem. This technology improves the oil recovery 3-5 times.

The investigations at the intersection of medicine and physics are devoted to a substantial issue – developing methods for diagnosis and treatment of cancer with hyperthermal impact on the pathological formation saving the surrounding tissues.

On behalf of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and in accordance with the “Strategy of development of scientific and innovation activities in the Republic of Tatarstan up to 2015" TAS carries out organizational and methodological work on the establishment of the Scientific and innovative petroleum cluster based on Technopolis “Khimgrad” as well as on the Scientific range in the system of JSC “Neftekonsortsium” in collaboration with the Scientific Center of Nonlinear Wave Mechanics and Technology under RAS.

In the field of quantum computers the scientists developed a conceptual design of ensemble NMR quantum computer. They suggested a protocol of quantum teleportation in the system of electron spins.

Using stationary and nanosecond pulsed beams of fast ions the researchers developed and tested new methods of obtaining sub-micron semiconductor and ferromagnetic films with record high technical performance for microelectronics and computers.

Astronomical studies are under way; they resulted in important data by the 1.5 meter telescope installed in the Turkish National Astronomical Observatory as a part of the agreement on scientific cooperation between Kazan State University, TAS and TUBITAK (Turkey).